Saturday, October 6, 2018

World Card Making Day - Celebrate with Joy Clair - My Space!

The Joy Clair Design Team is sharing their "My Space" - where we each create!
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Our house is quite small - we downsized when we became empty nesters.  So finding an area to craft and keep all my supplies was a challenge!

My crafty space is actually down one side of our garage.  My husband redid the floor in the garage and we added air and heat to the space.  (And insulation in the garage door)
He also put up all these cabinets, including the one tall one on the right, plus some better lighting and more electric outlets.

This is where I do all of my crafting.  The work station on the left is where I made my paper products and if I am making jewelry or something else, I often work in the right station (where the stool is).

We built it so there would be 3 work spaces, in the picture above, a white drawer storage unit is in the middle station.   If I have more than 2 people crafting at one time, I can move that storage unit out and put a chair there for someone to work.

Since I have limited space, I really utilize the side of my file cabinet with lots of magnetic items.  I added magnets to the bottom of my Tim Holtz ink tins and bought lots of magnet tins at the dollar store to hold embellishments and other essentials and have them right at hand.  Oh, and you can see our lovely hot water heater in the corner behind the file cabinet, AND the fuse box on the wall, haha!
I am in the garage for sure!  The wooden work surface is actually a used door my husband cut up.  He was going to put countertop there but we decided I would probably trash it with all my ink and mess, so a used old beat up door works just fine!

I am also patiently waiting for my Tim Holtz Glass Mat to come it - I can't wait!!!

The picture above is a view from the laundry room.

You can see a few Coke crates in my crafty space, plus a violin that was painted by a former student.  After she painted it she had all the kids sign it - it's so special - I just love it!

The other violin on the wall was painted by the same student  (it was an old beat up violin) and I liked it so much I bought it from her!

 I have collected Coke items for a long time.  I used to be insane about it and had waaaay too much Coke stuff when my kids were still living at home.  They thought I was crazy!   My Coke stash grew so large I had to take a lot of it to my office at school, which only prompted my students to get me more.  Thirty four years of teaching public school, I collected a lot! 

So when I retired in 2013, I took almost all of my Coke stuff and sold it.  The only things I kept were anything made out of a Coke crate and a few other really special items that I just couldn't part with. My kitchen is full of Coke stuff made of Coke crates, all up on the shelves near the ceiling.
(The funny part of all this is I don't even drink or like Coke!  I just love the logo!)


Here's what my crafty space normally looks like when I'm working - A MESS!
And of course, my iPad is there for binge watching while I craft AND my favorite drink - Sparkling Ice - Cherry Limeade flavor!

 My Space tour would not be complete without a picture of my newest crafting buddy, Zoe, our 6 month old goldendoodle!

I never craft without her by my side.  She loves to sneak into the trash and get a piece of paper to chew on - hahaha!  Yes, she is still a puppy!  

Look at that face!  Love my sweet Zoe.
You can also see my new hot pink chair that I picked up at a garage sale and my monogramed crafting apron that my daughter bought for a gift.

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  1. Well I am sooooooooooo glad your JUGS card came up saying it couldn't be found so I clicked on Home and scrolled down to ooooooooh and aaaaah on your fabulous work - oops play space Angie. So lovely and even when you are creating it is still tidier than mine LOL. I loved visiting
    'your house'