Thursday, March 29, 2018

DFW Honor Flight - Thank you cards!

Hello and welcome my crafty friends!  Here's a pile of cards I made and brought to school today for my students to write small notes of "thanks" to the DFW veterans who will be taking their Honor Flight this coming spring.  This pile has the finished ones in it, the rest were in the hands of my sweet students as they finished writing words of gratitude and encouragement to our dear veterans. It was a joy to read what they wrote and I'm sure each one will be very meaningful to the vets.

I heard recently that on the Honor Flights for the veterans that they do a "mail call" on the plane while they are on their flight and deliver thank you mail to each veteran.  Sometimes a veteran may not get much or any in his/her "mail call" and that broke my heart.  My dad was a veteran and didn't live long enough for his Honor Flight, but I do remember going to USAF air shows with him after he retired.  He'd had a stroke and was in a wheelchair but he was always so happy to see the planes and how much respect the younger officers had for him.  At the air shows he was treated so kindly and shown the utmost respect by all of the men in uniform.

I want these veterans and their families to know how much we appreciate all they have done for us.

So if you are so inclined - here's the information about the DFW Honor Flights:
If you can help out by sending mail, for the first flight, cards and letters need to be received by April 20th and the 2nd flight by June 1st.

You can also check in your town and/or area where you live to see if they have an Honor Flight group.  I searched on Google, and the DFW FB page popped up.  I contact them through FB and they sent me all the information.  

Let's make sure no veteran ever has little or no mail at "mail call" on their Honor Flight!

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  1. This is lovely, Angie. My dad made that Honor Flight out of Midland, MI a few years ago, and it was an awesome and very memorable experience. I was so glad he could do it. How wonderful that they do the "mail call". I don't think they did that with Dad. Thank you so much for sharing this, I'm sure it will mean a lot to the vets, AND to the kids that wrote the words on the cards.

  2. What a wonderful thing you and the students did. I am sure the veterans loved them too! I know it means a lot to them when they are remembered for their service and when others show their appreciation.